I’ve always loved portraiture, like seriously LOVE it. The black and white Golden Age of Hollywood studio portraits (see George Hurrell), with all that glamour and beauty and high contrast, are MAGICAL. Buildings? Meh. Botanicals? They’re nice. But I like a FACE!!

I fell in love with the Headshot when I was searching for someone to take my headshot. I heard of this “digital headshot” thing. WHAT???!!!  “Can you imagine?!!?? You get to see the pictures right there!” This nerdy technophile (me) HAD to shoot with the digital guy, “He shows you the images right then, on the same day!!” I was hooked.

Cut to 20 years later when nearly every photo taken worldwide is digital and instant. But that’s what started my fascination. Next came figuring out what makes a great shot, and then learning how to create the exact image I want.



Check out my take on Old Hollywood Glamour. 


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