About Dianna

I shoot everyday. 

Literally, and have for 10 years. I feel lucky to have found a craft-discipline-art that I love. I know you have too. 

I’ve always been drawn to portraiture. The beautifully crafted black and white Golden Age of Hollywood studio portraits (see George Hurrell), with all that glamour and beauty and high contrast, are MAGICAL. For a long time, I dreamed of being a professional photographer, but never had patience for my fancy film camera. I’d shoot a roll and get all excited to see what I shot, only to discover I’d blown the highlights or underexposed or had a dozen slightly BLURRY people with red eyes. Ugh. 

It wasn’t until discovering digital photography that I really caught a stride. I could shoot and practice and mess up and try again. It was thrilling. And when I couldn’t figure it out on my own (remember this was way-back-when before you could just find whatever you wanted on the internet), I went to The School of Visual Arts to sort it out.  

Now, well … I can talk about Headshots ad nauseam. Not kidding. It’s my favorite subject.  

I love capturing not just a face, or an expression, but a moment. It’s magic. 

I love actors. They’re my people. They are dedicated dreamers, driven, and persistent hard-workers following their passion. 

Your dream for you is my dream for you. Let's make it happen.